Why is Prioritising in Business Important?

Yay!!! On Wednesday 10th January 2018 we were invited to do our very first radio interview for One Day Web. – Hoorah! But it was also a One Day Web Experience day for a new VIP client (We view all of our clients as VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!) – Also yay! Here’s where the conflict lies… They are both happening around the same time, require the same two people and are in a different town/ city. This is not so “yay”!

So what would you do? Here is a brief overview of the thought process we had:

The client has come via a strong referral source who has also travelled with them. (The night before, taking time out of their own business too) They travelled approx. 220miles, 4 hours and sourced accommodation. So as I’m sure you can appreciate, letting the client down was 100%, not an option, whether it be rescheduling the date or just pushing the experience to later in the day. But then we are a business and exposure is paramount. The opportunity to feature on BBC Radio Northamptonshire is not a daily occurrence and a fantastic way of being heard. (Pun fully intended)

Would you turn down media coverage?

To add to the dilemma, it was specifically an invitation for Simon Langham and Jamie Rae, both of which are fully instrumental in the One Day Web Experience at this stage.

So what was the outcome of this? Remember my article about the strength of a good team? They came through once again, to ensure we club together and #GetItDone….. All of it! In a day! With Simon and Jamie negotiating an earlier slot (with the assistance of Ballyhoo PR), they set off in the early hours. The team clubbed together to open up, pick up the client, order and collect breakfast and get the ideas flowing. The boys dashed back in time for coffee and worked straight through.

When you are all working towards the same goal with the same level of commitment and passion, you will #GetItDone. Sometimes you can have it all if your willing to work hard enough. So it wasn’t a case of prioritising the client or the radio above the other, it was more a case of personally prioritising your personal investment of time in the business.

So if you were also engrossed in your business and missed the Radio Interview….

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Happy listening