What image are you portraying?

Are you based in a town centre and struggling to get footfall?

Working out of the office today in a cute family run café (we like to support local…and I love a tasty Mocha); I was looking out the window at a business that, from the outside looks fantastic but barely have any football. So many of you know we are situated on Market Street in Kettering. I hadn’t ventured too far. So, it’s safe to assume that with the town centre traffic, it would have a decent football. It is aesthetically appealing, and the staff appear friendly enough too. So, what is the problem? Instinctively, I went online to check out their website.

Due to my location services on my phone (don’t you just love technology) it suggested that this is the business I was looking for.

*Clicks Link* – hmmm. It’s ok… but just ok. In this modern day, Online marketing is key for business.

*Heads over to Facebook* I wasn’t even sure if it was the right page. The branding just didn’t sync. I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a fancy tea room or a swanky new wine bar. Was it both?

It led me to think about the business image and what our customers and/or potential clients perceive us to be.

Does your business portray a clear message whether it be laid back, fun and competent or clean cut, precise and efficient? Are you and your staff in-keeping with your image? What does your marketing say about you and is it reflective of the people in the business and the clients and suppliers you work with?

We had a client approach us that did not have a clear brand. On his One Day Web experience day we created his brand and image collaboratively. It was all in keeping with the person he is and his style of business. He often wears the colours that we incorporated when he is client facing and its remarkable.

That being said, I have just brought a beautiful pair of shoes…why because it is in keeping with our brand. (And possibly a personal obsession I have with shoes but that’s beside the point. Surely it’s #Uniform?).

I once saw a meme that said: “They told me to dress for the career I want, not for the job I have…. so, I turned up as superwoman!” It made me giggle but it is was also very true don’t you think?

Tell us about your brand. Do you have a clear image? Would you like assistance building your imageClick here or give us a call on 01536 217490.

Have a fantastic day.