We've have made it super simple to be in control of your website and registration. This page provides an extensive insight into our hosting and domain packages.



Your domain name is the address people use to find your website. It's a necessity to have for your website. The first question people ask is... What should my domain name be? and the answer is simple... As close to your company name as possible. These are some things you should think about before registering a domain such as how it will sound if you say it over the phone, is it easy to spell, is it short enough to remember. And don't forget, your emails will also end with your domain name so keep it quick and simple to read from your business card and type. If you're unsure, we're here to help. Another important factor is the location of your domain name. The TLD (Top Level Domain) is a clear indicator to search engines of your target audience. For a global market you should have a .com or .net domain and for a UK target audience you should register a domain ending with .uk such as or

Domain Name Options

£15 (Free with some packages) - ANNUAL UK DOMAIN
Register your .uk domain with us to position yourself as an established UK business. UK domains include,,, & .uk
£20 (Free with some packages) - ANNUAL GLOBAL DOMAIN
Register your global domain with us to establish your business as worldwide influence. Global domains include .com, .net, .org, .info & .eu

NB: Keyword matching domains are not a large consideration for search optimisation like they used to be. It's better to have one website with a strong domain authority that is authentic and matches your company name.


Hosting is essentially the computer that stores your website data and serves it to people requesting to see it. Your website is stored on a server to be viewed by clients browsers. There is much more behind the hosting systems than a simple computer ensuring your website is live 24/7, 365 days of the year. Hosting providers offer many packages which can sometimes be complicated to the average business owner. We have tried to make that simple by offering one basic packages suitable for hosting your website securely. There are some important things to consider which we have covered for you. Our hosting is UK based for optimal speeds to your clients. The servers have been optimised for WordPress and MODX. A free SSL certificate is included to encrypt data transmission and the best part is that you have full access to cPanel management system so you're in control of your hosting and emails.

Hosting Options

Our Shared UK Hosting Package starts with 2GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth. You can setup 2 IMAP email accounts for your business domain. This should be enough for light use but if you would like more email accounts or need more storage than please look at our Monthly Shared Hosting + Email package. Be in control with cPanel access so you can manage your hosting.
Our hosting also includes DNS management and unlimited parked or alias domains. All hosting packages include a FREE domain name for your business. We also include a free SSL certificate so your website has the green padlock for added trust and security.

Our hosting package is include within our monthly management package.