Jamie Rae

Jamie Rae - The Content Guy

Jamie is a passionate video and content creation monster that brings nearly a decade of filmmaking and video experience to the table. His desire to see other business owners reap the rewards from using great digital content is infectious and co-directing the company with Simon means day to day he can seek out new opportunities and drive the business forward with a fierce love, desire, and bad jokes.

Got content questions? Ask Jamie. Need video? Ask Jamie. Need to share your food? Ask Jamie. He'll plan, develop, advise, create and deliver content for your website with us with the Content team.

Favourite colour: Blue.

Favourite thing: All you can eat buffets.

Random fact: Used to have Cynophobia (a fear of dogs) from the age of 2. Had counselling at the age of 9 and was cured! Woof.

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