Our clients are what make us at One Day Web®, and our whole website and content build journey has the customer at it's very core. Our passion to tell our customers stories through their website and content is undying, and we wanted to share a few of our clients experiences with you so you can really see what makes us stand head and shoulders, above the rest.


"I got talking to Simon and within three minutes it was a no-brainer. All in one day, me physically being here guiding the process, when actually in reality you've guided me, but to feel like you're really in control and not to be doing this toing and froing over weeks."

The Profit Fixer

Christine Nicholson saves clients thousands of pounds and helps make them millions through proven strategy-driven business growth plans. We were over the moon to help her reach this message to even more prospects with a functional, branded site with a personable video that sparked a series of video content for her YouTube channel and website.

Christine was on the market for a website after many years of successful referral and word of mouth marketing. We were her solution of choice due the speed and quality in which Christine needed her site to go live. We invited Christine to begin her video series of the Profit Fixer TV on the day of her website build, and we've continued to support the development an growth of Christine's website since it's launch and have gone on to work closely together.


"What Jamie and Simon are doing is what I call a JKD approach. Jeet Kune Do is the martial art I practice and the essence of the art is to be simple, direct and effective. To me this is what One Day Web are doing. Does that mean that all other web developers are slouching around taking their time to inflate their prices? I don’t believe so, but maybe they are making it more complicated than it needs to be."

3P Publishing

Andy from 3P had already written the copy for his site before his One Day Web® day. Simon was able to create a branded look from just a monochrome logo, and Jamie worked with Andy to create the photographs and video content which formed the basis of 3pTV, their regular video webisodes pushed out online via their website.

Shortly after the launch of their brochure site we welcomed Andy and Caroline from 3P back in to our studio for an e-commerce build for their online bookshop. Fortunately we had much of the content from the brochure site so were able to create their bookshop efficiently and get to market quickly. 3P have become a strong advocate and referrer for us here at One Day Web, and are avid users of our exceptional management support.


"I would definitely recommend One Day Web because they get sh*t done, first and foremost! I'd also recommend them to anybody who's had a website in the past and had great difficulty and a prolonged process. They just get it done!"

Face Communications

Andy Pert from Face Communications got in touch with us as he was looking to update their website. Understanding that the ability to add new content regularly is very important, we used his day to create a brochure website with knowledge center and funnel pages.

Andy came prepared with video he had already recorded which meant we managed to create two videos in the day which you can see on the Home and About pages. Andy had a clear vision of his site and this enabled us to really get to the nitty gritty of his messaging, branding and positioning.

Face Communications loved their website build journey, as you can see from Andy's video testimonial above! He fully embraced our #GetItDone approach and we feel fortunate to have them experience website design and development as it should be.