Is it OK to shoot videos on my phone?


What is a video in its rawest form? Simply a series of images captured in quick succession which is then processed and displayed for you to watch. Without getting into the technical aspects of it, that is what video is at its core. Taking this into account, most modern phones have the ability to capture video at varying degrees of quality, giving you the ability to shoot video on a much more accessible level.

With the ability to shoot video when and wherever you want, phones are quickly becoming the best tool to use for quick and easy video content, in some cases being the better option to take over hiring a studio. An entire type of video content was born thanks to the accessibility of these portable devices, Vlogs.

Vlogs are a combination of video and blogs, hence V + logs. In a nutshell, they are essentially daily/weekly videos where one person uses a portable camera to film themselves talking about a subject to a camera or taking the viewers on a journey through their day. A good example of a popular vlogger would be Casey Neistat, he has gathered a huge following on YouTube with over 8.5 million subscribers just through vlogging. Casey is one of the many Vloggers who are heavily active on YouTube taking advantage of this type of content. Because this content is easy to create on a regular basis it is an incredible way to engage with audiences on a much more consistent and personal level. Without the revolution in technology to put the video in the hands of personalities like Casey Neistat, the video would still only be accessible to the few who had the ability to invest in it.

The rise in social media along with the popularity of smartphones came hand in hand, and now is the best time to take advantage of this upward trend.

Now, shooting video on phones can’t replace all types of video content as phone cameras aren’t built to compete with professional cameras, they are purely there to capture moments. However, if you are filming a simple Vlog in your office or even starting a live stream at an event for social media, then it is the perfect tool for the job, as long as you know what you are doing!

So, in summary phone cameras are quickly becoming higher quality and more accessible than they used to be and the rise in social media means people are on the lookout for content every day, and if you are able to fill that gap with your voice and opinions through the medium of video then the answer is 100% YES.

So grab your phones, switch to the front-facing camera and start Vlogging. A video is a future.