Is Customer Service Really That Important?

Coming from a background of hospitality, I have grown in my career knowing and understanding that how a customer views you as a person has a direct link to their experience with your business, whether that is a conscious or unconscious knowledge, people generally want to be wowed by something remarkable.

When Simon and Jamie took me on, they did so in an innovative manner which is nothing short of the people they are. In fact had you have told me a year ago, when we met at an Exhibition, that our working relationship would have amounted to this moment I probably would have thought: “HA! Yeah, right” So I am sure you are probably thinking the same, right?

When I first met Simon and Jamie they oozed passion and enthusiasm for something that was almost alien to me but somehow they managed to get me excited about Web development and content. Fast forward to when I staggered over a post on Facebook and we got talking again in messenger. I still at this point was thinking about the position of someone else but I couldn’t help but get sucked in by the strength of their belief. Can you think of a time that you felt so passionately about someone else’s business? It is rare but these two got it right.

The more we talked the more I was drawn to want to be a part of something amazing. The process was simple and unique and by lunchtime they told me I had the job. I was the new Head of Customer Happiness. Remarkable! My friends and family were shocked….”You? Working for a Web Company?! But you’re not a tech geek!” This is true, however, that’s not my role. My role is to ensure the happiness of others and as far as I am concerned, that is achievable and important in every industry. We are service led and THAT is and always will be, paramount.

The Customer Experience

Is great service something that is important you? Have you been at the receiving end of poor service and did it reflect in your decision? If so, it most definitely will also be the case for your clients too. If you were to sit in a restaurant unbeknown to your customer who was talking about you, what do you think you might hear? Do they see your passion and industry knowledge? I have been at the receiving end of poor service and it’s somehow more memorable than the good because customer service is so often, just ok.

My aim is to ensure that you are not only happy but that we go above and beyond the norm to make sure your needs are fully catered to honestly, efficiently and as simply as possible.

If we relate it to a high street shop, you have two stores next door to one another. The first store was poorly staffed, demotivated team members, the person at the till has worked tirelessly over the Christmas period and you arrive at the end of their shift needing an opinion on the shoes you are about to buy. She hasn’t got time and the comments that follow are disheartening so you go next door. This team member approaches you and offers help. She gives you the recognition you want and deserve and even suggests the perfect pairing of items to match the shoes. You both laugh smile and talk about your neighbour’s dog and you leave almost having bought the whole shop.

Which experience is more memorable? Why did she make you feel so good that you are telling people about this wonderful store? Will you return? Most likely, yes you will. Great service can be effortless and satisfying for both you and your customers. Be the second shop!

How does poor service affect your buying? Is great service important to you or do you think its more about the service offering? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned for an exciting new article from me next week and if you have any topics you would like us to cover then please do get in touch.