How to Build a Website Quickly

You’re most likely here because you need to create your new website as soon as possible to help win a contract or win more business. You have come to the right place as this article is all about how to build a website quickly.

Firstly, we need to establish what you need so you don’t just jump head first into making the wrong decision. It’s all very well getting a website live by tomorrow but you don’t want to devalue your brand. It’s important that you have a professional website for your business that is flexible and helps you grow your business.

1. Build your website yourself

If you’re slightly technical then you could look at building the website yourself. It’s best to avoid drag and drop platforms such as Wix or Weebly and look at using an HTML templated system such as WordPress or Drupal.

You will need to think of what content you will need for your websites such as copy, photography and video. Will you create the content yourself or do you have some already? Try to avoid stock images if you value your business and would like to portray a strong image online. Content is usually what holds up the build of a website so make sure you have this covered. Getting professionals to create your content could save you time, effort and energy, however, you will most likely have to pay a premium to get it done sooner.

Look around for the right template. Make sure it is up to date and compatible with the latest version of your CMS (Content Management System). Use the templates preview demo to look for bugs and see how it’s put together. Is it mobile responsive, fast loading and code compliant? Read the reviews and look for comments from developers and designers to see what they think of the design.

Unless you’re creatively minded, you may struggle to get the website looking great for your brand. Try to get honest feedback to ensure the design is right. Remember, done is better than perfect.

For a 4-5 page website with new content, you will be looking at about 5 full days work to learn the system and build a professional looking website quickly for yourself.

2. Get someone to do it for you

You could look around and get a website designer to do it for you. You will most likely be paying a premium for them to prioritise it above other work they have and you will still need to consider what content you will need. Many website agencies do not include the content as standard which is why the traditional method of getting a website done can take an average of 14 weeks to complete as many holdups are due to content creation and approval.

To make this a quick and easy solution, provide a clear and simple brief for your designers to work from. Try not to change your mind halfway through and make it clear what your expectations are. Make sure you pick-up the phone to communicate and avoid playing email ping-pong. To find the right designers, you should look at their testimonials to see if their clients use words such as fast, efficient and painless.

Besides looking for the right agency to help you, you should expect a build time of 1 week at best. You may be able to speed things along if you’re lucky but the quicker you would like the site, the more sacrifices you will need to make on the design.

3. Get your website and content built in a day

You will have noticed from the website address and heading that our business is called One Day Web and we specialise in creating websites with content in a single day. That includes all the content you will need such as copy, photography and video.

We’re not your only option but are the most pain-free option for getting a 5-6 page website with video and photography included.

So how do we do it?

The secret is that you’re involved in the build with us. You join us at our studios ready to answer questions and take an active part in creating the content. By having you with us we remove the endless games of email ping-pong that’s typically involved with building a website.

Jamie, the content guy is a professional photographer and video creator who creates unique content on the day. The great thing is that the content created can also be used for your social media marketing and other marketing material.

As the developer guy, I’m not restricted by templates as we code the website from scratch to meet your requirements. It sounds too good to be true but honestly, it’s easier to code a website from scratch than have to manipulate a template.

There’s more… Your website is also fast loading, mobile responsive and code compliant so you can add regular content that will perform highly in search engines and social media.

If you don’t think it can be done then check out our testimonials here to see others who have had their websites built quickly and professionally in a day with us.