Before booking your live website launch experience, you may have some questions. We have put together our most frequently asked questions on this page for you. If you cannot see the answer to your questions then please email us at studio@onedayweb.co.uk

One Day Web™ is your website solution that enables us to build you a fully functioning website with a promo video and bespoke photography, in a single working day. We invite you to our studio for the day to be a part of the process and experience your new website, video and photography like never before. By utilising the skills of a seasoned web developer (Simon) and an experienced videographer (Jamie), we’re able to give you the kick-start web presence you need as a business owner. After your day you can continue your journey with us with our various bolt-ons' and aftercare packages.

Each One Day Web™ day is unique to the client, yet the format follows a similar path. As part of your unique experience with us you’ll get a 4-5 page website, a 30-second promotional video and a selection of bespoke photographs (usually taken on the day itself as part of your experience). As well as the day itself, you become part of an exclusive online private VIP group that connects you with other One Day Webbers, creating a community of business owners who have had their own One Day Web™. Lunch is on us, and at the end of your special day, you get to hit the launch button and celebrate with a bottle of bubbly and you’ll be live by 6pm!

Generally speaking, we can build 4-5 pages in a single day. This is dependent on how much copy we have to write on the day. We’ve had clients that have prepared all copy and content prior to their day, enabling us to create more pages.

Arrive at our studio for 8.00am and we’ll provide the coffees and croissants! The first hour of the day is dedicated to mapping out the site, what works, what doesn’t, deciding on brand colours, and what we need to do for the video and photography.

No! Nothing at all, except a logo or some form of branding. We’re assuming if you’re ready to have a website for your business then you have at least a logo or idea of brand colours in place. If not, don’t worry! We can build this in to the day as well during our initial brainstorming session at the start of the day. Prepare to a level you feel comfortable with – we can start from nothing and still deliver a website, video and photography in a day. Some clients prefer to have copy prepared before they arrive.

On the day itself, just yourself, a smile and bags of enthusiasm! We guarantee you a positively awesome day with us building your website and content, and all we need from you is commitment and a good sense of humour! Oh, and any content or copy you’d like to bring with you of course.

We’re based in the old market town of Kettering, 1 hour from London on the train and suitably located near good road links to the M1. We will send you a ‘How To Get To Us’ PDF via email before your day, but access to our studio is via Sheep Street, Kettering. You’ll enter Market Street from Sheep Street and we’re on the left – little white door next to StayKleen! We have allocated parking at the back of our premises, and we make sure the spot is reserved for you on your chosen One Day Web™ date. Give us a call on the office number if you’re struggling to find us!

We can offer a spread payment plan depending on your financial situation, but we would advise paying for your One Day Web™ in two instalments – the deposit to secure the day and the remainder on the day.

We pride ourselves on giving you a choice. Please check out our Aftercare page for full details and pricing.

Unfortunately, there is no golden rule when it comes to ranking on Google. Often clients come to us saying they want to rank on Google and when we respond with “For what search terms?”, they hit a block! Google ranking is not just SEO and keyword bashing as it once was – Google looks at the interactivity of your site, mobile friendliness, social media presence & following, and a host of other elements. The best thing you can do is to ensure a healthy online presence all round, and ensure you have synergy with your social media channels and website. Websites can take anything up to 12 months to rank on page 1, and we use best practice and industry processes to ensure we can maximise this from day 1.

Our Voyage Aftercare package has been created to provide advice and guidance to give your website the best possible tools to grow alongside your business.

We don’t leave you high and dry! We want to keep that euphoria of your One Day Web™ experience day going for as long as possible, and to ensure that we offer a few things. Firstly, you’re added to an online VIP Facebook group that connects you with other members and we keep in touch one a month via an email newsletter. At sign up you get to choose from three aftercare packages to help your website and business grow.

If your business is primarily e-commerce based then One Day Web is not the best solution for you. However, we can facilitate the sale of products on your website if you are part of the Orbit or Voyage packages.This will not typically be setup in the day and will be part of your development hours in the Orbit Aftercare package. People are often sceptical of purchasing from sites they are not familiar with and therefore we suggest integrating a trusted third party 'Turn-Key' solution such as Etsy, Amazon, Shopify or E-Bay.

Yes, within your day we can add third party applications to your website such as PayPal or Mailchimp. However, we're limited to what we can achieve in a day. If you have a few third party applications you would like integrating then we suggest looking at the Orbit Aftercare package so you can use development time include in the package.

Yes, we can make it part of your day if you like, if our time allows for it and help set up Facebook pages, YouTube channel, Twitter etc – any social media accounts that you may not have but should be using.

The content in regards to One Day Web™ means the video and photography. Jamie is the content guy and you’ll spend some of your day with us in the studio shooting the video and taking photographs. This doesn’t mean you have to be in front of the camera! We think outside of the box to ensure the content is showing your brand and business in the most suitable way. Sometimes we will even need to organise a separate filming day to capture all content (if there is no way we can film what’s needed within the day). this additional day is packaged as a bolt on called 'pre-launch'. You’ll leave the day with a 30-second promo video and bespoke photography.

Your time with us is exactly that – yours. If you’ve already got loads of images to use on the website, we can create a longer video. Already got a promo video? Then let’s create more images, or set you up with a YouTube channel. The logistics of the what, how and when will be sorted in the first hour of the day.

Yes! Once the photographs have been taken and the video produced, it’s yours to use in any way you would like to promote your business and your brand so long as it’s not used negatively in conjunction with the One Day Web™ brand.

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