Dying to know how the day works?

Read on for a little insight into how we take you from zero to launch in under 10 hours.


    Arrive to the smell of coffee and croissant as we begin promptly and ‘round table’ your business vision, ideas and capabilities of what we can do for you in the day, based on your own goals.


    You’ll spend a bit of time with Jamie the content guy, drafting up layouts and colour schemes while Simon beavers away writing code to get the foundations of your site in place. It’s also time to get the photography done and discuss the direction of your video which we’ll film after lunch.


    Check out the site progress so far before lunch across the road, on us of course! By being 100% focussed and in the live environment with us we can iron out any early issues and amends instantly.


    The afternoon gives you lights, camera and action! Well, only if you want to be on camera. If you don’t then we’ll work creatively to find a suitable solution to best represent your brand through video. 


    The countdown begins! We’re on the home straight now. Review #2 enables you to see a full working preview of the site before launch and we’ll iron out any niggles there and then.


    3…2…1…LAUNCH! Hit the button and see our collaborative creation come to life. Your site, your content, and your experience is now ready for the world to see. Celebrate with us with a glass of bubbly and some group photos.


Save Time

Get to market sooner!

Save Money

Your experience with us at One Day Web doesn’t stop once you hit the launch button. Our ongoing aftercare means your site can grow with your business over time, but here’s the thing – you’ve just worked with us to create something in less than 10 hours what can take many months – thank you!


We offer a website building experience like no other in the world!



We invite you to become a part of an innovative experience that is revolutionising the way you have your website built. If we said we could code, build and deliver a website – with photography AND video – inside a single working day, you’d probably tell us we’re barking mad (we’re not!).



At One Day Web we’re all about efficiency and simplicity. Our aftercare packages take care of your growth needs from the basics to a full 12 month website growth plan to really help you get the most out of your One Day Web® experience.


Case Studies

We want to share the experiences of those who have seen first hand how we are able to do what we do in under 9 hours. It’s definitely not a case of content over quality – our unique placement of web dev-meets-video is the reason what we do works.



Become a part of something that’s shaking up the web design world, and book your One Day Web experience today. Our experience is proving popular and gaining traction at a rapid rate so we don’t want you to be disappointed!

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