Events and Webinars

At One Day Web, we're keen to share our knowledge with you so you can grow your business online. Our Events and Webinars are held every fortnight and provide you with a platform to ask questions about your website. All events are listed below in chronological order...


Thursday 26th April 2018
09:00am - 12:00noon

One Day Web Studios
12B Market Place
NN16 0AJ

Discovery Day - Thursday 26th April

Join us for our second monthly One Day Web Discovery Days to discover and unleash the full potential of your website and your business. This is your opportunity to #AskTheExperts for FREE! Bring your laptop and login details and we will work with you to improve your website.

  • Tell us about you and your business…. this is not a 60 second pitch. We want to understand YOU and what YOU DO so we can explore your business further.
  • Let’s brainstorm ideas together as a mastermind to help improve your website!
  • Now it's time to help you implement these ideas live on your website.

This event is open to customers and non-customers who would like to update their website. If you don't have a website then this event is still for you to make notes of ideas and ask the expert to help you build a better website for when it goes live.

This event is FREE to attend. You just need to register your ticket by following the link below!

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