Pinckneys Boutique

Published on: 05/04/2016

This was lots of fun, due to the various textures, colours and materials the website offers.

The photography of Apryl's products was created by Jamie while Simon cracked on developing the websites framework ready to drop the images into.

If you want an incredible, tailor made, outstanding website then you are in the right place! Being a perfectionist I wanted to be involved in the creation of Pinckneys Boutiques website as much as possible, but as I know nothing about coding or how to actually build a website I needed something/someone pretty amazing to work alongside me. I was opening my new Boutique at the same time as the build up to the O.D.W day so time, as always, was tight and I wanted so much prepared for the day (which unfortunately I didn't have time for ) but I was assured by Jamie that I didn't need to prepare a thing, which I thought, YEAH right BUT it was true, I didn't need anything. The whole day ran so smoothly, we had a laugh, we had Lunch, I had some time to check up on emails etc and by the end of the nine and a half hours we had created a masterpiece and a bottle of bubbly. Thank you so much for such an incredible experience, I couldn't recommend you highly enough!

Pinckneys Boutique

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