Makee-up by Aimii

Published on: 26/03/2016

Our first ever One Day Web! Aimii brought models into the studio to use for the photography, and the video was created by following her around in the studio for an hour or so.

The site plays heavy on her love for purple and black, and shows off her skills as a make-up artist.

Make Up By Aimii

“From the moment I walked into the office I was made to feel so welcome. The space I was given for my makeup and my models meant i could have free reign to do my thing and get creative. Jamie is so talented he knew exactly how to turn my vision into reality. Simon has such a great vision for websites, layouts and all things 'techy' that I don't understand! I would 100% recommend you to anyone that is looking for a website to kick start their business!” 


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