Why you MUST answer the phone

Published on: 03/01/2018

Well hello there,

This morning I have been busy calling clients and other businesses. I started at 09.30am and to my surprise it was incredibly difficult to get through to anyone. Not because of calls being screened, but because they just didn’t answer the phone. Which led me to think about what if I was a customer? What if I was calling to make a purchase, update an order or request some information. They could be missing out on a sale.

We can create you a fantastic website that’s all singing and all dancing, but many people still like to have a conversation with a human and this can impact the buyers’ decision. So why is it so many businesses don’t answer the phone during working hours and what effect is it having on the business? Are they even aware?

Do you answer every call or have a facility that acknowledges the call to enable you to get back to them?

So, simply put, if you don’t answer the phone you are basically throwing away customers. Especially if there is no voicemail facility.

  1. Customers are easily frustrated if they don’t get the answer to their question when they have gone out of their way to ask for information.
  2. Not being able to contact a business can have a detrimental effect on yourcustomer relations as it appears that the business is un-contactable which translates to unreliable.
  3. New customers that have made the decision to buy, often want to proceed once the decision has been made. If you don’t answer and the call and your competitor does, who is more likely to get the sale?
  4. It reflects negatively on the companies’ efficiency.

Ughh, all of those things seem incredibly negative so let’s flip it….

  1. By answering the phone, it provides the ability for you to assist your clients when they need you.
  2. If new customers can speak directly to a company it gives you an opportunity to sell yourselves and build a rapport.
  3. If a prospect has made the decision to buy, you can close the deal quickly before they look elsewhere.
  4. Answering the phone is the main reason we have them (other than to make calls). Doing so quickly with a great manner scores brownie points all round.

With it being the New Year, I think it would be fitting to evaluate our “Telephone Technique” (I’m making that a thing!) with the view to being as responsive and contactable for clients as possible. What do you think? Can your clients call you? Or do you suffer from phone fear? That’s is also a ‘thing’ but it need not be, in your business.

Let me know your thoughts, are you frustrated with being unable to reach other businesses or are you genuinely unable to answer your phone and how do you get around it?


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