What is a referral to you?

Published on: 28/11/2017

How are you doing today? Fabulous I hope?! And business of course. In fact, that is pretty much what I wanted to talk about today.

So, speaking to many of you lately, it appears that while a business’s strategy must include multiple forms of marketing, the consensus is that word of mouth is pretty much as good as it gets. As we all know there is a whole sector that use this alone in a tiered formation. Yup, multi-level marketing. They literally pay you to talk about their business. So how do we master this? What is the fundamental key that, so many forget to consider? Human relationships!

Referral marketing isn’t just about a one-off chat. As with most things, it must be a structured and often, mutually beneficial relationship. (Stay with me I am getting down to the nitty gritty in just a moment)

So, what do you do to build on those relationships? How much time do you invest in building relationships in comparison to other marketing campaigns? Most of us don’t put as much effort and time into building suitable relationships as we should. Would you agree?

If we want to build a business strategy that ensures we will attract new clients (yes clients, not leads!) through a process that will bring us a personal recommendation consistently; we need to understand the extent of commitment that is required to do so. After all we are looking for a steady flow of opportunities to grow our business with people that are in the market for our business.

We need people to market our business for us and that’s the truth behind it! For someone to be able to do this on our behalf, what they really need to know is what we need, offer and can commit to. So effectively we need to train these people on how to do it effectively. That’s when it really becomes worth all of the effort that is needed to nurture and develop these relationships. How you say? Well that’s easy take the time to know, like and trust them and vice versa. It is all well and good saying “Oh Joe needs a new website (for example), One Day Web do that” Here’s a referral; but what if what Joe needs is a one-page template for his home business and has a budget of £50? That my friend, is NOT a referral. Its effectively a suggestion with good intentions!

Do you know what we offer as a business? Click the link to find out more: https://onedayweb.co.uk/experience/ We would love to hear your feedback on how you perceive us.

BUT…. If Fred is in the market for a New custom-made website and doesn’t have much time to create the content due to a relaunch of his consultancy business, you know him and he trusts your professional judgement (Yup you got it!) That is solid ground for a referral.

We are merely scratching the surface here, but it is a solid foundation for the initial process. We are always expanding our knowledge for the benefit of our business and our clients.

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