The Strength of having a strong team

Published on: 28/12/2017

It comes as no surprise that having a great team in business is a good thing but what does it really mean?

As many of you are aware, we have grown from a team of two part-time to a team of five full-time in the last two months. We have already had some great experiences, one of which is becoming an organisation. This is a big step for a small business and to say that we have been excited about this development is an understatement.

I myself have been particularly impressed with how it has highlighted strengths within the company. After many years as working independently as a self-employed Consultant, I fully appreciate the struggle we sometimes have to face when working alone.

The week before Christmas I was unexpectedly taken ill, which meant all the work, meetings and plans I had anticipated that I would complete before the festive period commenced, were now unmanageable and my fear of falling short was about to become a reality. Ahhhhh! I called in from my hospital bed and to my pleasant surprise, everything was in hand. Why am I telling you this? Well, to highlight that the unexpected can be a great time to appreciate the strengths within a business. After almost two weeks I have returned to the office without the fear of a backlog of work piled on my desk.

Every member of the team pulled together to ensure that everything was taken care of and that there was no disruption to the business or more importantly the clients and their experience with One Day Web®. So what exactly did this highlight?.....

  • As individuals we all have our recognised strengths but as a team we all live and breathe the company ethos of #GetItDone and have a mutual appreciation for amazing customer service.
  • We all strive to maintain and excel as strong professionals in our industry.
  • No man is an island, we help carry each other forward and learn from one another. We recognise that we may have our individual roles but know our business well enough to step up and take the lead as and when necessary.
  • We have a positive and supportive environment which is conducive to our growth as a business and individuals.
  • We are proud of what we do and strive for nothing less than greatness as a collective.
  • A great team is a fool-proof way to reach success. With clear and open communication, Solid leadership, creative and productive collaboration, freedom to share knowledge and opinions, access to necessary resources and a positive environment allows us to work together in a uniquely open and supported manner.

As if that wasn’t enough in itself, it also highlighted that our clients leave after their experience as more than just a “client”. With well wishes and offers of support from individuals I have been overwhelmed with the amount of people reaching out. Simply put, we have developed fantastic working relationships with you and that is priceless. Thank you!

Business doesn’t have to be a lonely place and that is most definitely something we believe. We are creating a community of like-minded businesses that support each other.

So I just wanted to leave you with that warm and fuzzy feeling. Enjoy the rest of the festivities and here’s to a fantastic 2018.


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