The FIVE Best Types of Video Content

Published on: 08/01/2018

Video is HUGE.

There are so many variants and types of video that you can use in your business, but fundamentally there are five types or 'genres' if you like that are great for increasing brand visibility and if used regularly, to increase leads and sales.

1. Promotional Video

Got something to sell? Of course you do. As a business owner your product or service needs to be promoted, and this type of video does this in bucket loads. A promotional video should be aimed at selling the desire first, benefits second, and features third, rounded off by a solid call to action. Promo videos can be all live action, or completely animated depending on your offering, brand, and message. To be fair, promo video as a term is fairly loose as generally all content produced using video is to 'promote' but being clear on your offering and message first will help when discussing the idea with your chosen video production company.

2. How to Video

'But how will I sell my product or service if I'm telling people how to do it!?'. Don't worry about that, being transparent and open with your audience can reap untold benefits as it builds trust. The most popular search term on YouTube starts with 'How To' so you should look to capitalise on this and think about what you can offer your audience in terms of How To content. This can be as simple as some filming on your smartphone, through to high quality branded content from a video professional.

3. Live & Webinar

The ever-growing trend of live video broadcasts should definitely be in your notes about how to shout above your industry noise in 2018 and beyond. Audiences want information yesterday, and as much as we'd all love to hit 88mph in a Delorean to 'see some serious shit', we can't, but we can communicate with audiences NOW, live in the moment. Facebook LIVE, Livestream, Twitters Periscope, Instagram LIVE - they all serve one purpose - to communicate with your audience in real time. These are great for webinars, and live Q&A sessions where you can get audiences to interact on a level not usually possible. Your video production professional should be able to help with this and assist with the setting up of the channels, and to advise on potential content.

4. Video Testimonials

This is absolutely a vital part of your marketing mix, not just for your video strategy. Getting your happy clients on camera talking about you and the benefits of your business will be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do, and will generally give you a solid ROI. You might be wondering how you get over the hurdle of making your customers feel comfortable in front of the camera, or you may even be questioning if they'll do it at all. You don't ask, you don't get. Most clients will be more than happy to oblige, and simply ask the following questions:

- Why were you on the market for XYZ?
- Why did you feel we were a good option?
- What's your experience of working with us?
- Would you recommend us and why?

Get their honest answers, and their response can always be edited down to make a more marketable piece of branded content. Looking for that final deal sweetener for them? Video testimonials can be a great source of promotion for them as well as you with their name, brand and company featuring.

For a good example of how to integrate video testimonials into your outward market offering, check out our case studies here..

5. Corporate Flagship

Welcome to the big boy. The behemoth of video content for the serious business owner really wanting to show their strengths, positioning, and why they're ahead of the pack. A 'flagship' video is essentially the welcome video that visitors to your website will first see, and is your chance to show your audience why you do what you do, what it is, and to completely and utterly sell desire. You'll find that often this type of video can also be a promo video, but it's important to understand the key difference - promotion videos are used to sell, flagship videos are used sell desire.

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