How quickly can a video be made for my business?

Published on: 04/12/2017

The literal answer to how fast can a video be made, is zero seconds. Nil, nada, zilch. If you're using Facebook Live or streaming to an audience, you're creating a video in real time, so congratulations!

If we step back a second though to talk about regular video content that's planned, scripted, edited and delivered - then there is a general timeline, but of course rules can always be broken.

Video content is the next evolutionary step in the digital marketing world and is kicking up an absolute storm for businesses and marketeers all over the world. Thanks to improving technologies, affordable hardware and software, and easier access to e-learning and 'how to's', video can be put in front of your audience quicker than ever before.

The investment in video can multiply your leads and sales if done right, so understandably you would want to have the video done and dusted as soon as possible to start reaping the rewards.


It's worth saying that if your deadline is too tight then the quality could be compromised. Decent video does take time, but can be closer to days, not weeks, if your idea allows. Your best bet is to speak with the video production company of interest.

With the company that I co-run One Day Web, I create video content for clients in under 8 hours in the same day, and can achieve this because I've got the lovely client sat with me during the shoot and edit. The back and forth email/phone comms is gone, and I can get to their goal much quicker!

On the flip-side, if you're being told it'll take weeks and weeks to edit and deliver some video testimonials for example, then it may be that the company in question doesn't have their time management skills down. Always get 2-3 quotes for your video brief and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with your final choice.

Speed is essential, but quality is equal.

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