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Published on: 15/11/2017

It’s been a while? We have been busy working on something exciting. Do read on.

So, you may have seen we have brought on another team member. Why is this so exciting you may ask? Well we have a new Head of Customer Happiness to ensure you receive only the best service and were pretty excited about where the business is heading. So, without further ado, please welcome Leah Mejias, One Day Webs’ new Head of Customer Happiness. She is here to ensure…. Well, you’re happiness! Feel free to get in touch for a chat about what we can do support the development of your online marketing.

Did you know that on average in 2017 websites take up to 14 weeks from start to launch? And that’s not even including the hours spent researching suppliers and the initial brainstorming. FOURTEEN WEEKS. What could you do for your business in all of those precious minutes, hours, days? After all, time is money.

We are so proud of the satisfaction and relief our clients feel when we diminish the stress and produce a quality bespoke website. In just One Day! I know it’s fantastic isn’t it? Your website, video, photography and content all under one roof. The best bit… you save money in the process too and as if that wasn’t enough, we provide on-going support and some fantastic marketing ideas. Here’s what some of our clients say: https://onedayweb.co.uk/case-studies/

I know what you’re thinking…. “I’m not sure I need a new website.” No problem we offer so much more, why not give us a call for a free consultation where we can help you plan your online marketing campaign on 01536 217490.

That’s all for now but don’t forget, we are here to help.

Have a fantastic day.


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