Is it OK to shoot videos on my phone?

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Yes. What is a video in its rawest form? Simply a series of images captured in quick succession which is then processed and displayed for you to watch. Without getting into the technical aspects of it, that is what video is at its core. Taking this into account, most modern phones have the ability to capture video at varying degrees of quality, giving you … Read More

Why is Prioritising in Business Important?

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Yay!!! On Wednesday 10th January 2018 we were invited to do our very first radio interview for One Day Web. – Hoorah! But it was also a One Day Web Experience day for a new VIP client (We view all of our clients as VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE!) – Also yay! Here’s where the conflict lies… They are both happening around the same time, require the same … Read More

How to Build A Website (in a day!)

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The first question you might be asking yourself is ‘why would I want to build a website in a day?‘ Well, the simple answer to that should be because you no longer want to spend the average of 14 weeks getting one built, and go through all the pain that comes with it – long back and forth email communications, mistimed phone calls that lead … Read More

What image are you portraying?

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Are you based in a town centre and struggling to get footfall? Working out of the office today in a cute family run café (we like to support local…and I love a tasty Mocha); I was looking out the window at a business that, from the outside looks fantastic but barely have any football. So many of you know we are situated on Market … Read More

4 best metric tools for your website

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In this article, I will be talking about the 4 best metric tools that we use for generating information about your website. So, now that you’ve got your website up and running, you may often think to yourself, is there a way I can see what customers are frequently visiting? What they are most likely purchasing? Or what are your … Read More

Our Award Winning Business

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Wow…..have you heard? You are now looking at an award-winning company. Yep, One Day Web won Best New Business at the EC National Awards on Friday 8th December 2017 and we are absolutely bursting with pride. But does it really mean anything? What would winning an industry award mean to you? What impact does it have on your business? Do you think it is relevant? I think most … Read More

Winners of the Best New Business National Entrepreneur Awards 2017!

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What an amazing way to end the year winning the Best New Business Award for the National Entrepreneur Awards 2017!   It has been an amazing journey creating a world-leading new service that takes the pain away from building websites for time-pressured entrepreneurs. When myself and Jamie formed the business back in April 2016 we had little idea of just how far we would be or that we … Read More

How to Build a Website Quickly

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You’re most likely here because you need to create your new website as soon as possible to help win a contract or win more business. You have come to the right place as this article is all about how to build a website quickly. Firstly, we need to establish what you need so you don’t just jump head first into making the wrong … Read More

Mobile First vs Mobile Responsive

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It’s not really an either/or option having a mobile responsive or mobile-first website. You cannot have a mobile first website without it being responsive… The question you need to ask your developer to rank higher in Google is ‘Do I having a Mobile First website?‘ Many designers will not be able to answer this, especially if they have used a template … Read More

​3 Tips to Shoot Better Video Yourself

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In this article I’ll talk you through how to shoot better video yourself, in 3 easy tips! Many business owners are adapting to the video-wave of recent years and many are adopting in-house filming to reduce costs and to really engage with video at a cellular level. If this is you, take on board the following three pointers when shooting your own video – whether on … Read More